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Ben Brewer BSc (Hons) FBDO

Dispensing Optician

Ben has worked in optics since leaving college in 2003. In that time he's helped thousands of patients with different optical needs to match their prescription and lifestyle to the right glasses. He's worked with several different frame and lens suppliers in that time, always keen to maintain (and pass on to patients) a wide repetoire of the latest eyewear options.


Ben's professional skills as a dispensing optician mean that he can interpret an optometrists' prescription and advise patients on the best way to put it into spectacles or other specialist optical appliances.


As well as working as a dispensing optician, Ben is a trained spectacle laboratory technician, having a wide experience of glasses manufacture and repair - working on hundreds of pairs of spectacles at every stage now allows him to better choose frame and lens materials that will work best with patients’ individual requirements.


In his spare time, Ben is a keen guitarist and singer; he also runs far too far!

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